A new year, an old resolution

I've struggled with my choices in this life for nearly 10 years. Did I make the right choice in school? In my career? Does it even matter? After struggling for so long, the answer isn't what I expected. I was put on this earth to live this life. Things happen for a reason and I... Continue Reading →

Zero Waste Stocking Stuffer Ideas

One of my close friends is very environmentally conscious - especially over the holidays. I think sometimes I let expectation get in the way of what people actually need, rather than just buying a preconceived number of gifts. It's always fun to pick up new items that people will love but sometimes those gifts sit... Continue Reading →

5 Things I Didn’t Know About Parenting

You're probably thinking I'm nuts if I think there are only 5 things I didn't know about parenting. Truth is, there's way more I don't know about parenting but there's only a few things I wish people told me. Having a child is probably one of the biggest responsibilities you'll ever have in your life, especially since it's not something you can prepare for. Let's be honest, who can say that they knew how to parent before becoming one? If you thought babysitting was going to give you a leg up - think again.


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