A new year, an old resolution

I've struggled with my choices in this life for nearly 10 years. Did I make the right choice in school? In my career? Does it even matter? After struggling for so long, the answer isn't what I expected. I was put on this earth to live this life. Things happen for a reason and I... Continue Reading →

Why spreading joy is better for the soul

Let's be honest, the holiday's aren't always easy, fun or joyful. This holiday season I'm trying to focus my energy on all the things in my life that are positive. There's been some family turmoil over the last few months but I don't want that to change the way I celebrate the holiday, especially now that I have a son. I'm focusing my energy on self-reflection and self-healing after realizing the dangers of neglecting my mental health.

Motherhood, it’s not easy.

It’s not easy. Anyone that tells you motherhood comes naturally never had a fussy baby. As a first time mom, with an exceptionally alert baby, it’s difficult to find a way to deal with your new job.

Are you iron deficient?

When I found out I was pregnant I went through all the standard tests - blood work, physical, routine shots. I struggled with morning (all day) sickness for the first several months of my pregnancy, followed by some crazy food aversions. I was exhausted, weak and dizzy but attributed it all to the stress on your body while pregnant.

My baby is too skinny?

Everywhere you look there are images of chunky babies, beautiful leg rolls, cheeky bums and double chins. But what about when your baby is skinny? Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have to defend my baby for being “too” skinny.


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