Why it’s important to be grateful

It’s not every day that you meet people who change your life forever. The truth is, there’s friends who you’ll have for a reason, a season or a lifetime. I was lucky enough to find my lifetime friend when I was 6 – almost 22 years later she is an even bigger part of my life than I ever thought possible. I don’t believe in fate but I do think that people come into your life when you need them, even if you’re only 6. Even through university, where we lived 8 hours away, it still always felt like we’d just seen each other the day before. That’s the kind of love that I live for.

When I found out I was pregnant, my friend and I cried together. So many people made promises to come visit, told me how excited they were and ultimately never followed through. At the beginning I let my hurt feelings get the best of me, but then I realized what I had right in front of me.

My friend would come to visit, almost weekly, and always brought along a little care package – whether it was food, a tea, or a little something for the baby. She spent hours keeping me company in the hardest few months of my life and I don’t think I’ve ever told her how grateful I am. That’s the thing with gratefulness, sometimes we feel it but it’s hard to put into words.

Today was my son’s first birthday party, and again I was overcome by how much love I had for my friend. Over the last 12 months, she’s listened to all the joys and the troubles I’ve had. When she picked out a gift for him, it wasn’t the most expensive, the loudest or the biggest – but it was the mot thoughtful. It wasn’t something you could buy in a store or something you can give away – it was a birthday card. Inside was one of the sweetest messages, not only to my son, but to my husband and I. I broke down when I read it, silly I know, but I knew that every word she wrote was completely from the heart.

A little fact about me – I keep all my birthday cards from my family and best friends in a gigantic box. This year, I’m going to start a box for my son – one that I hope he’ll be grateful for one day. This day was stressful, busy and a little bit crazy but I’m ending it with the most grateful heart for the love of a dear friend.

Today I’m thankful for great friends, homemade cake and my baby boy.


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