Last minute board game gifts for everyone

Over the years it’s become a family tradition to play board games during the holidays. My husband and I always research the newest family friendly games before playing on Christmas Eve. There have definitely been a few that have fallen short and made it straight into the donation bin. Most years, we do end up with more laughs and good memories after spending a few hours of (mostly) family fun.

This year we’re going to be trying Settlers of Catan, I’m still not sure how I feel about it but it’s been really popular all year. Based on what I’ve heard, the goal is to build a settlement and expand the further to win the game.

Sushi Go!

This is definitely one of my all time favourites, there’s also Sushi Go Party if you’ve got a bigger crowd. In the original game, each player starts off with a deck of cards and picks only one before passing to the left. The goal is to get the highest number of points based on the sushi combos. Plus, the illustrations are really cute.

Bears Vs Babies

A card game where you build monsters to defeat babies by eating them. It’s all about strategy if you want to win but you never know what the babies are going to throw at you. At the end of the game, whoever ate the most babies, wins. I promise it’s way more fun than it sounds, especially if you pick up the hilarious NSFW expansion pack.

Exploding Kittens

Kittens and explosions, what could go wrong? It’s a bit of strategy, mixed with a bit of unpredictability – you’ll never know where the exploding kitten is going to be. The whole aim of the game is to avoid the exploding kitten with whatever cards are in your hand and hope you get lucky.

Code Names

This team game definitely tests your creativity. There are 25 secret agents on the board and your team has to guess all their agents without guessing the bystander or other teams card. It might seem easy but you’re working against the clock to get your team to guess all the cards first – plus you have to avoid the assassin, an instant loss card if you happen to choose it.


This game always makes my family laugh. After picking a topic card, each person writes down their response. Everyone takes turns guessing who gave that response, if they get the answer wrong it moves on to the next person. If you’re playing with family you might not believe some of the things they come up with.


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