Why Christmas is my favourite holiday of the year

There are a ton of holidays, especially with how multicultural my community has become. I love being a part of each celebration, even if it means just watching from the sidelines. This year, I took a little time to immerse myself in other cultures and I found a whole new way to learn about different backgrounds. One of my favourite events was a cultural food experience where foods from different countries were served in small, bite-sized portions.

My husband and I are very close to the downtown core, the spot where most of the events are held. It’s so easy to head down for a quick look at the Christmas lights, Diwali fireworks or jazz festivals. But, my favourite will always be Christmas even if it is an obvious choice for most.

Sine I was little, it was always the time of year where I got to see my entire family, no matter where they were in the world. It’s never been about the gifts, always the company and traditions. Even though my family might drive me crazy now and again, I appreciate every single memory that we’ve been able to make. It’s been even more special since I had my son, I get emotional just thinking about how lucky he is to have grandparents who are healthy and able to spend so much time with him.

The Christmas season is hard for some, it was for me at one point in my life. I lost my grandma just before Christmas, almost a decade ago and it still feels like it was yesterday when I remember all her favourite traditions. Even with the rough patches, I’ve always felt like there’s a bit more magic in the world when we’re celebrating the season. I don’t know if it’s the lights, the snow or the decorations that make me most happy – but I know that I couldn’t ever stop celebrating.

I go searching every year for a new cardinal ornament for my tree, it’s a little thing that always reminds me of my grandma. She always told us that we’d know she was there if we saw one of the birds fly by. Even though it might seem silly to most, it makes me smile whenever I see one. I’ve got quite a collection and I know that if she was here to see it, she’d be smiling right with me.


In 2019, I want to be more open minded to starting new traditions – whether they’re based in tradition, religion or some other culture, I want to experience more of the world. There’s been so much negativity that I want to focus on the things in this world that make people unique, but also have the biggest impact on bringing people together. Christmas is that holiday for me – but what holiday does that for other people?

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