My favourite homemade Christmas gifts

I try not to let my emotions run my life. Still, there are days where I am get overwhelmed with joy, gratefulness, sadness, anxiety or loneliness. Every year, I spend hours trying to pick out the perfect gift for each of the people on my life, occasionally making something myself. I feel so fortunate to have family and friends who really get me and I’m lucky enough to have some crafty friends who make me homemade gifts.

This is a small collection of gifts I’ve received over the years, there were so many more that I don’t have any photos of – from bath bombs, soap, soup-in-a-jar, handmade scarves and mitts, sugar scrubs to candles. What I love most about handmade gifts is that normally they’re things I actually need, rather than something that I’ll end up giving away or donating once I’m done with them.

Personalize pet organizer

I love my puppy, probably more than most people. This little wooden sign hangs at my front door – it’s practical and customized for my dog. The gift itself wasn’t costly, but it was time consuming to create. Each of the pieces was hand assembled, wood burnt and stained so it matched the rest of my house.

IMG_6011 copy

Wooden coasters

I love anything rustic, especially if it’s made from natural wood. One of my friends made these coasters from some fallen trees at her family farm. I loved them so much that I’m trying to make coasters for everyone on my list this Christmas.


Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Over the years I’ve received a few, given a few and saved some of my childhood ornaments. When I had my son, my best friend made me a hand sewn ornament and I cried. I don’t know what made me so emotional, the realization that I had a baby or the fact that this was something I could pass on to my son when he was older.


Knitted Dish Rag

These are quick and easy handmade gifts if you love to knit. I personally love getting dish rags as gifts because I’m always cleaning up messes now that I have a baby crawling around.  These are a much more cost efficient and eco-friendly solution to paper towels, plus you can make them in any colour.





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