The best books to read this Christmas

There is nothing like the smell of a brand new book when you first open it. Try as I might, I haven’t been able to switch over to a Kindle. I’m a wannabe book collector but I really only have one bookshelf with my favourites, I try to donate the rest if I know I won’t read them again. During the holidays I have a few favourites that will never get old, I grab the tattered old books from my home office and curl up with a cup of tea.

My son is almost a year old and though I am very excited to read all the classic kids Christmas books, I do love reading something with more substance than ‘Twas Night Before Christmas. When I was younger I wasn’t like most kids, the majority of my Christmas list usually had a list of the newest books I wanted to read over my holidays. Most of the time I would be hiding in some corner of the house, away from my siblings, so I could enjoy whatever fictional world I was reading about. I have less time for sitting by the Christmas tree reading these days, but I still dig out my favourite Christmas novels during the winter months.

Tuesday’s With Morrie

I was first introduced to this novel when I was in eighth grade, it was a mandatory reading for our class at school. We had a schedule to keep us on track with each chapter but I finished this one all in one night. The novel is a beautiful rendition of an old professors dying lessons on life, each of which I have carried with me since I read the book. I’ve learned to appreciate the wisdom in my elders because of this book, though I might not always follow it myself. It’s an emotional rollercoaster, full of inspiration and love.

Hercule Poirot’s Christmas 

There’s nothing like a good mystery novel to get your brain thinking. I’ve read just about every book that Agatha Christie published, but this one takes place during an interesting holiday family gathering. There’s nothing like a Christmas that ends in a murder, right?After all, what could go wrong once you throw in the hilarious Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot.

Pride, Prejudice & Mistletoe

This hilarious novel is a role reversal based on the classic Jane Austen, following the snooty Ms. Darcy. There’s nothing better than a love story that’s been streaked with sarcasm and drama, especially during the holidays. In the modern re-telling, it’s the gentlemen in the novel who have all the prejudice and Ms. Darcy who holds all the pride of a self-made millionaire.

Wuthering Heights

The classics have always been my absolute favourite to read over the holidays. This Emily Brontë novel wasn’t always one that I enjoyed, but over the years I’ve learned that although it may appear to be a love story, it’s much more complex. The characters are fantastic and the writing takes me back to the world when this was written.

Harry Potter (complete series)

This might be cliche but I reread the Harry Potter series when the cold weather hits. Although some criticize the writing, I still can’t get over the magic of the plot and characters. I received the first book when it first came out, my aunt was originally from London and it was already a huge hit. I didn’t read it for a few years later and it’s been my favourite ever since.

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