What you need to know about a forever Christmas surprise

Three years ago I went on a crazy adventure with my best friend and probably one of the longest shopping experiences of my life. My friend and I normally plan quick trips to the mall because neither of us love shopping, especially during the holidays. Parking was absolutely crazy with all the Christmas shoppers. I knew something was up when we made a ton of stops on our way back to my place, my friend kept making excuses for unplanned stops.

When we finally made it home, I walked through the front door and everything was silent. I knew my family was home, along with my husband.  My husband was snuggling with the most adorable pomsky puppy I had ever seen. I walked around the corner and completely lost it.

It’s easy to think you want a puppy – they’re cute, cuddly and will be your best friend. Although all this might be the case, it’s also a lifetime commitment that shouldn’t be rushed into. During the holiday season, people run to the nearest breeder, shelter or adoption centre for the perfect cuddly gift.

Are you ready for a new puppy?

  1. It takes times.

    Training a new puppy is months, if not years, of persistence and structure for your new best friend. There will be accidents, ruined belongings, stolen food and lost sleep in the first few months. It’s definitely takes patience and understanding but it’s worth every minute.

  2. It’s expensive.

    Between food, vaccines, grooming, toys and treats your wallet will definitely be lighter. Make sure you do your research about all of the things your pet will need in the first year or life and beyond.

  3. They need attention.

    Regardless of the breed, your new puppy needs exercise. Too often, people don’t realize that in order to have a happy and healthy animal they need to walk, run and play daily.

  4. Behaviour needs to be taught.

    Every animal has a personality – our puppy was adventurous, excited and very active. There were days when we came home to find him waiting at the front door for his walk. It was tough at first because he pulled like crazy (being park husky made him a runner) and it took nearly a year to break the habit.

  5. Your routines will change.

    I used to go to the gym everyday after work, run errands and finally come home to make dinner. When I got my puppy, it meant coming home everyday after work so I could look after him, feed him and make sure he didn’t spend the entire day alone.

  6. You will get attached.

    I have always been an animal lover and the second I laid eyes on my puppy, I knew he was family. Attachment is great, it fosters loves and companionship but it can also become a negative if your attachment doesn’t translate through to the proper care. Before getting attached to a dog, or any animal, make sure you’re willing to make sacrifices to give them the proper care.

Our puppy, Tucker, is now 3 years old and even more part of this family than I could have imagined. I’ve changed my life, routine and sacrificed a ton of time, I would never change it.



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