Review of the best and worst Hallmark Christmas movies

Are the Hallmark Christmas movies cheesy? The absolute best kind. If they weren’t Christmas movies, would I hate them? Probably.

I embrace everything Christmas when the calendar hits December 1st – I start with the Christmas music, decorations and lights. Canadian winters are tough so the holidays, and skiing, always help me get through the cold months when we’re stuck indoors to hide from the snow. I love snuggling on the couch in my pjs to watch my favourite Christmas films – complete with hot chocolate, marshmallows and baked cookies.

Let’s be honest, most of the Christmas movies that get released are terrible. Every year I still get together with my best friend, bake cookies and binge watch all the new Hallmark movie releases on W network. I’m a huge sucker for happy endings so I do love that you can predict that everything will end up perfect before they roll the credits.

The Best

Christmas at Pemberley Manor

Based loosely on my all time favourite novel, Pride and Prejudice, this heartwarming new release is a must see. It’s the perfect mixture of cheesy, over the top fun while still dealing with real life problems. Not to give too much away, the main character deals with issues in her career and frustrations with holiday planning going wrong. It’s nice to see that the plot was well thought out, thanks Jane Austen, with some interesting twists and turns throughout.

Though the festival idea is a bit cheesy, the entire movie focuses on the good will of people to help out during the holidays. The underlying message throughout the plot of this movie is what makes it a special, feel-good film.

Road to Christmas

Who doesn’t love a Chad Michael Murray revival, even if it is in a Christmas movie? I loved this movie because it highlighted some of the realities of Christmastime for modern day families – it’s not always easy and you can’t always spend the holidays together. As the eldest of 3 children, I found humour in the relationship between the main character and his family – the frustrations, joys and attachment that comes with having siblings.

Christmas Getaway

The idea that you’d let a complete stranger stay in your cabin is a bit farfetched but also hilarious. The small town setting definitely feels like a vacation worthy spot – especially with the snow. My favourite part of this movie is the relationship between the main character and his daughter – the world needs to see more single dads, widower or not, on screen. The little girl in the film, along with the main characters mother, adds a ton of humour, sarcasm and fun to an unconventional Christmas getaway.

The Worst

Ice Sculpture Christmas

I had a difficult time getting through this one – it has the wealthy man and the helpless woman who’s the underdog throughout the movie. When are we going to stop casting women as people who are unable to succeed on their own? I’m all about a good underdog story but this really focuses on the socio-economic backgrounds and how vastly different they are.

Christmas Incorporated

This is a typical W Network movie – the overdone scrooge who suddenly has a change of heart because of a girl. The plot starts out with a case of mistaken identity, which could have added quirky humour to the film. I’m sick of seeing the male lead portrayed as a heartless, rich business mogul who runs the family business. I’ve worked in the corporate world and, from my experience, businesses never run the way that they show on television.

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