12 New Adventures for Each Month of the Year

Last year my husband and I decided we would try one new thing each month – some of them were adventurous, some just downright fun. The only rule was that we always had to pick something that neither of us had done before and get one photograph doing it.

#1. January: Dog Sledding

We started out our challenge on New Years Day. There was a really cool dog sledding company about 2 hours North of our house that had a dog sledding, snow shoeing and hiking package so we decided to try it out! It was bitterly cold but thankfully the company hosting it had snacks, hot chocolate and a huge fire to sit around when you got too cold.


#2. February: Rock Climbing

This was probably one of my favourite adventures, both my husband and I are really outgoing and love the outdoors. Neither of us had ever been rock climbing and because of the cold we opted to take this adventure indoors – shortly after we found out I was pregnant but definitely looking forward to trying this one again soon! This is definitely a total body workout, I could hardly walk the next day!

We didn’t get many good photos so I apologize in advance for the blurry shot you’re about to see.


#3 March: Axe Throwing

I definitely realized that I had an unknown skill for axe throwing – I hit the target almost every time and ended up hitting the bullseye a few times. My arms were really sore the next day but we’ve gone back a few times since because we had such a great time. I’d love to make our own board, buy some axes and take it with us up to the cottage where there’s tons of space.

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 2.48.57 PM

#4 April: Archery

This was definitely my husbands pick, he’s been after me to try archery with him for years. I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed myself, it’s technically difficult and takes some muscle, but definitely a must try. We went with a small group who’d never done it before and even ended up trying some knife throwing – it was almost impossible to hit the target this time.

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 2.47.42 PM

#5 May: Antique Hunting

There’s so many old antique markets so we decided to take a trip to one of the largest antique shows in our area. After a couple hours of wandering around I found the jackpot – a huge collection of vintage teacups. I started a teacup collection years ago and I was surprised to find the orange beauty below – once I got it home I realized that my mom had a matching one (it used to be my grandmothers) and it made it an even bigger treasure.


#6 June: Hitting the Rockies

I recently wrote a post about my favourite places to travel in Canada – Calgary was definitely one of my favourite places to travel so far. The mountains were bigger than I could ever have imagined and the water was ever clearer than it appears in photos. I was pregnant so had to be a bit more careful than normal but still enjoyed the outdoors, hiking and great company.

I took this photo on our visit to Lake Louise, it was absolutely freezing but so serene. We ended up sitting in this little spot for a couple hours, enjoying the fresh air, water and view of the mountains.


#7 July: We’re pregnant!

During our trip to Calgary, we decided to take some photos for our baby’s first trip, though he didn’t know it! While we explored Banff we found a onesie in one of the shops, it was such a great souvenir and made for the perfect announcement.


#8 August: Ireland

We decided to cross a big item off of my bucket list by heading to Ireland at the end of August. We explored the Giant’s Causeway, Temple Bar, endless restaurants and Dublin Castle. The food was amazing, my personal favourite was the Cottage Pie (vegetables, ground beef, gravy and mashed potatoes to top it off).


#9 September: Harry Potter, Cafes in England & Monet

After Ireland, we made our way to England. As an artist, I was so excited to go through the National Portrait Gallery. There were so many amazing paintings that I’d only ever seen in print – one of my favourites is the Monet I snapped a photo of. We hit all the typical tourist attractions, watching the changing of the guards and had our first English afternoon tea.

We also celebrated our paper anniversary with a trip to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the show was unbelievable and the set design wasn’t like anything I’ve ever seen before. We ended off our day with a trip to a local cafe for tea, scones and cake!

#10 October: November: Home Reno DIY

I’ve never been the most handy when it comes to anything within the home. Ask me to paint, craft or knit and I’m your person. We did some DIY home renovations when I was very pregnant but I was insistent that I wanted to help. My husband is pretty good with this sort of thing but he ended up teaching me how to put up a backsplash – it might be an easy job but it was one neither of us had ever tackled. I was pretty proud that we did it ourselves and that I actually helped!


#11 Annual Tree Lighting

Our local community hosts a Christmas tree lighting ceremony every year but this was the first time we’d attended. They have a huge festival with a Christmas market, food, hot chocolate and live music. We got there early so we go a perfect view of the band and the 60 foot tree. There were so many people buzzing around, listening to the carols and enjoying some family time.

#12 December: We’re Parents!

The best adventure was definitely the day we finally became parents. We had a few extra days in the NICU before heading home to enjoy our first Christmas as a family of 3. The feeling of holding your baby for the very first time is something I won’t ever forget, your heart grows 5 sizes and you won’t even know how.

My husband and I are doing this again this year so we’re looking for some kid friendly options!

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