10 of the best new Christmas traditions to start this year

I absolutely love tradition and growing up my family always did the same thing each year on Christmas. Some of my favourite memories come from the holiday parties, Christmas baking and watching Rudolph on Christmas Eve. Now that I have my own family, I’m adding to our Christmas traditions.

Family is so important, especially in a world of technology, and I always want to have traditions that bring us closer together. We might not always be in the same part of the world or see each other as much as we like, but we always find a way this time of year. I am so grateful to have grown up with a family that could celebrate, share and gather around for Christmas dinner – I love looking at old photos because as I get older, some of the memories start to fade.

  1. Christmas coasters: If you have a real tree, cut and save a 1 inch section from the bottom of your Christmas tree each year. You can decorate, write the date and then varnish, use them as coasters or add a hole & ribbon to make decorations.
  2. Christmas Gift Hunt: Hide one present for each member of the family and have a scavenger hunt around the house. My sister and I did this every year for my brother growing up – he’s 21 now and we still send him hunting!
  3. Christmas Eve PJs: It’s always fun to open a present on Christmas Eve. Try getting everyone in the family a new set of PJs that they can wear for Christmas morning.
  4. Outdoor Skating (or indoor if you live somewhere warm). Take the family to enjoy some fresh air, skating and a hot chocolate to warm up. If you have larger family gatherings, try renting out a skating rink for the whole family.
  5. Homemade Ornaments: Grab some paper, wood or a plastic ornament and decorate, create or paint your own. We always head to our local craft store for wooden ornaments and I wood burn different images – my favourite are snowmen!
  6. View the Lights: Take a stroll through your neighbourhood to see the different decorations. Be on the lookout for Christmas lights that are synchronized with the radio!
  7. Christmas Wish Jar: Use a mason jar and strips of paper to start collecting gift ideas for each member of your family on New Years Day. When you’re shopping for Christmas you’ll have tons of ideas for things people actually need.
  8. Strike a Pose: Take a yearly Christmas photo of your kids or siblings in the same pose, you’ll have some crazy memories by the time they’re grown up!
  9. Donations for Kids: When you child writes their wish list, have them donate one thing for every item on their list. Teach them that they can make someone else’s Christmas special by donating a toy, book or clothing item.
  10. Christmas Eve Bingo: Get the whole family into the Christmas spirit with a traditional games night – our family favourite is Bingo. Each person can buy Bingo cards for 50¢ so there’s enough prize money to buy a hot chocolate or much needed coffee!

Do you have a unique family tradition? I’d love to hear it!

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