Pregnancy Hormones: You Said What?

I know that I said and did some pretty irrational things throughout my pregnancy, hormones right? I laughed, cried and worried about things that normally wouldn’t bother me. My husband was a champ. Every once in a while we have a good laugh about the things I said and did while pregnant. I think the best part about of it is that, at the time, all of these irrational thoughts and questions actually caused me to worry.

If it’s your first baby, you probably have no idea what to expect. When I was pregnant I had trouble with my iron levels and it made me even more tired than I already was. Even though you have 9 months to prepare for a new baby, it never seemed like enough for me. I wanted to make sure everything was organized so we had as few surprises as possible. I thought that if I planned everything out it would be easier but I ended up just adding stress and pressure to myself and my husband. Here’s a few things you might want to dial back on if it’s something you’re worrying about too.

What I thought I needed to do:

  1. At 7 months pregnant I thought I needed to re-do the entire floor in our kitchen, alone, before my husband got home from work.
  2. Organize all the clothes, bath supplies, diapers, socks, blankets, books by colour, size, shape and use.
  3. Buy every single “suggested” registry item from Toys R Us. Moral of the story, we returned a bunch of stuff.
  4. Cut out caffeine. This was a big mistake. Cut down, don’t cut it out – you’re going to need it once the baby is born.
  5. Increase amount of exercise while pregnant – don’t do it. You are growing a baby and need extra calories to sustain two lives and provide the proper nutrients.

Did I have irrational questions? Never.

  1. What if the doctor was wrong and it’s a girl?

    If the doctor had been wrong, would it have mattered? Of course the answer was no. I was so worried that our baby wouldn’t have the right clothes but we purchased neutral colours and patterns for most of our baby clothes and supplies anyways.

  2. What if the baby doesn’t love me?

    The minute I held him in my arms for the first time I realized this was the silliest worry I’ve ever had.

  3. What if my belly button sticks out?

    I hate belly buttons. As my belly got bigger I was constantly worrying that my belly button would pop out like most women – mine didn’t, crisis averted.

  4. What if he doesn’t have hair for a whole year?

    I had a good laugh at this one because he was born with a very full head of dark brown hair.

  5. Am I going to poop while giving birth?

    At the risk of TMI, this is something that happens. It sucks way more for the nurse than you.

  6. How am I gong to get to the hospital?

    When I went into labour, my husband and whole family were at work. The thought of calling an ambulance was out of the question but it really wouldn’t have been an issue if I had no other choice.

  7. What if I give birth on Christmas?

    Even the best planned plans have a hiccup, we were stuck in the NICU for a few extra days but still managed to make it home to celebrate Christmas with our families.

  8. How do I know when to push?

    All I can say is, you’ll know. I didn’t originally want the epidural so I felt all the contractions plus your nurse or midwife will let you know when it’s go time.

  9. How is my body ever going to bounce back?

    This was one of my biggest struggles and something that took the longest to get over. I’ve always had trouble with body image but I’m slowly realizing that my body is amazing. The fact that I have extra skin, some extra lumps and bumps and dark circles around my eyes were small prices to pay to be a parent. Some people wish they had sagging skin or a c-section scar but can’t conceive.

  10. How do you change a diaper?

    My hubby and I had never changed a diaper in our adult lives. Safe to say that we are both experts at 11 months in.

  11. Will the baby poop on me?

    Yes. There will be poop, lot’s of it. It’s tragic whenever it happens but one day they’ll be doing the same for us, right?

  12. What if he doesn’t know I’m his momma?

    He knew, there’s no doubt about it. The minute you hold that baby in your arms for the first time it’s like you’ve both been together forever.

My hormones are still all over the place because of nursing but looking back I definitely did have some questionable ideas about how this whole baby thing would go. There’s been an immeasurable number of challenges but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Hormones: You Said What?

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  1. This is so lovely. It made me chuckle you thinking you needed to redo the entire floor! Gosh! From talking to my family who have had children, they all seem to be more nervous about all the baby stuff whilst pregnant but when its actually go-time you kind of instinctively know, do you agree? xx


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