Random Acts of Kindness: Parent Edition

When I came home from the hospital with my son it was December 23. We were absolutely exhausted after spending 3 nights in the NICU and praying that we would make it home (with a healthy baby) to spend Christmas with our families. The kindness I received from our family, friends and complete strangers was one of the best parts about coming home with our healthy baby boy.

The best part about kindness is that no act is ever too small. It’s something like holding the door open, saying hello to a stranger or smiling at a neighbour that might make a difference in their day. You never really know what people are going through and it never hurts to be a little nicer, a little kinder or show a little more love.

In honour of world kindness day, I’m sharing some of my favourite acts of kindness after our return from the hospital.


  1. Our neighbours came over the day we got back from the hospital with a home cooked meal. She knocked on our door and immediately told us that she didn’t want to bother us but wanted to make sure we had a hot meal. When we brought the bag inside we found homemade turkey soup, bread and a pack of diapers. That night we didn’t have to worry about food and it was perfect for the blizzard-like weather in Canada.
  2. My father-in-law brought us a ton of homemade food for the crazy weeks after we brought home our baby. All of the food could be frozen so we were able to bring out home cooked meals whenever we were too tired or just didn’t feel like cooking.


  1. Another neighbour who, at the time, we didn’t know very well brought over a little stocking. The little stocking had another couple gifts inside but it was a “First Christmas” stocking and a great keepsake for our son.
  2. I love Christmas so my parents picked up some very special ornaments that I’ll have forever, one was a Charlie Brown ornament and the other was a “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament.

Homemade Gifts

  1. One of my crafty friends made us a couple very special ornaments for our Christmas tree. She added our sons name and birthday so he has something for his own Christmas tree one day.
  2. We also received a beautiful handmade quilt that matched the nursery. My friend and her mom chose all the fabric and made sure it was cozy and warm for our little boy’s first winter.
  3. One of the most sentimental gifts I’ve ever received was from my mom. Almost 9 years ago my grandmother passed away – my mom kept her flannel nightgowns and repurposed each of them into a receiving blanket that I could use for my baby. My grandmother might not be here to see him but she’s hugging him all the way from heaven.
  4. Handmade sweaters, blankets, hats & mitts are always a great gift. We received several different sizes so that he could wear the knitted gifts as he grew – we even have a few that still fit for his second winter!


  1. One of my friends was kind enough to think about what mom would need after having a baby. She brought me a care package with different lotions, bath bombs and self-care items that were supposed to be good for recovering from labour.
  2. We also received handmade coupons for a night off, babysitting duty or night duty with our newborn. My friend knew how hard the first few months would be and wanted to make sure we knew that we could always ask her if we needed help so we could actually sleep.
  3. When I arrived at home, my husband had decorated the house with a couple streamers and balloons to welcome us home. I was in the hospital for almost 4 days and he wanted to make it special for when we arrived home with the baby for the first time.

It’s been almost a year since I had my son but I don’t think I’ll ever forget the kindness each of these people showed to our family. It may not have seemed like much to them but as a new parent it meant more than they probably know. In a world full of craziness it’s nice to be able to sit back and appreciate the good, kind and loving people that are part of my life.

In a world where you can be anything, be kind. 

Did you experience a random act of kindness recently? Share your own experiences below.

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