7 of the Best Baby Gifts

It’s always overwhelming to plan for your first baby, you have no idea what you need or what to expect once baby has arrived. When I started choosing items for my registry I used several of the “recommended” items from the store. It’s easy to get carried away with all the latest and greatest baby gear but sometimes the simple gifts are the best. In my previous post Baby Registry: 10 things you need, 5 you don’t, I talk about some of the items that I really didn’t need or never used with baby number 1.

BooksAt my baby shower, each guest brought our baby one book (instead of a card) and wrote a personal message inside. Surprisingly, we didn’t end up getting any duplicates at the shower but we did end up with a pretty impressive baby library. Not only were the books fairly inexpensive (compared with larger baby items), they are lifelong memories and a reminder of all the people who were part of your life.

Useful Baby Shower Gifts:

#1 Knitted Baby Clothes

There is nothing sweeter than handmade sweaters, mittens and hats. There are so many free patterns available online that it makes the perfect cozy gift.

#2 Handmade Growth Chart

All you need is a simple 2×4 (or equivalent) material that you can paint, burn or decorate. You can follow the step-by-step guide here to make your own!

#3 Handmade Double Sided Receiving Blankets

One of my favourite gifts were handmade flannel reversible receiving blankets. They are super durable, warm and get even softer with each wash. I was lucky enough to have some handed down and some new blankets made for my baby. You can see a great pattern here.

#4 Handmade Bib (Bapron)

Once you start on solid foods the little bibs become almost useless at keeping clothes clean. My mother-in-law made us some seasonal themed bibs that have arm holes and prevent the bib from moving around – great for a messy eater!

#5 The Baby Hamper

Let’s face it, nobody really wants to buy all the baby essentials you need when they can find cute outfits and toys but you should. As a new mom, one of the most helpful gifts I received was a laundry hamper with all the essentials – baby Tylenol, Diaper Cream, Shampoo, Soap, Lotion, Benadryl – the list goes on and on.

#6 Diaper Drop

It might be a boring gift but it’s definitely one of the biggest expenses over the first years of a child’s life. Stock up on sizes when you see them on sale and don’t forget a gift receipt – try to find larger sizes (I personally got a ton of newborn and size 1).

#7 Storybooks

It’s an easy add-on to any gift – write a message or letter to baby (or parents) inside the book for a personal touch. One of my favourites is Love You More by Gary Urda.

Share your useful baby gift ideas below!

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  1. I love these ideas! I unfortunately didn’t have a baby shower during my pregnancy with my son but I will certainly keep these ideas in mind for the next baby shower that pops up!


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