Baby food, are they getting the proper nutrition?

When we had our son we made the important decision to limit the amount of processed foods we introduced into his diet. To some, it may not matter. After doing research on the chemicals and fillers in store-bought baby food I wanted to make sure I did everything I could to give our son the best start I could, within reason.

The Beaba Babycook made it so easy for me to take table foods and create baby ready purees with real ingredients. The machine is a bit pricy but worth every penny – we started making purees when our son was 4 months old and froze perfect portions using food freezer trays, my favourite is this one by OXO.

The Beaba holds enough raw ingredients to create enough food for about 8 meals (depending on how small you slice the pieces of raw food). At the beginning we did a single fruit or vegetable in the machine until we were sure our son didn’t have an allergies. When he hit the 6 month mark we started to mix different combinations, while also introducing different meats, beans and lentils.

Here’s a few of our sons favourite combos:

#1 Sweet potato, apple and cinnamon
For this recipe I diced one medium sweet potato and one apple into small cubes, placing it in the Beaba to cook for about 15 minutes. Once completed, I added the cinnamon and blended into a puree.

#2 Ground beef, broccoli and parsnips
For this recipe I boiled the ground beef before placing in the Beaba, added broccoli and diced parsnips. For this recipe it’s often necessary to add some additional water to ensure a smooth consistency for the meat mixture.

#3 Chicken, cauliflower and carrot
For this recipe I boiled the chicken and diced small pieces cauliflower and carrot. This recipe needs additional water added, I normally end up adding around 1/4 cup of extra water when blending.

#4 Black bean, tomato and basil
For this recipe I put all ingredients in the machine to steam for 15-20 minutes. When using tomato, you can usually dump some of the water at the bottom of the machine prior to blending (I typically save the water in a separate glass and add back into the puree if necessary)

#5 Blueberry, plain yogurt and oatmeal
Yogurt should only be introduced around 8 months according to most publications. For this recipe I steam the blueberry and oatmeal mixture, let it cool and then add yogurt. I don’t blend this version, I just combine and spoon into the freezer tray.

What’s your child’s favourite food combination?

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