Are you iron deficient?

When I found out I was pregnant I went through all the standard tests – blood work, physical, routine shots. I struggled with morning (all day) sickness for the first several months of my pregnancy, followed by some crazy food aversions. I was exhausted, weak and dizzy but attributed it all to the stress on your body while pregnant.

After speaking to some other moms who’d experienced iron deficiency, I decided to talk to my doctor. At around 15 weeks pregnant I went for some additional testing and I found out that I had developed anemia. Over the next several months I struggled to introduce enough iron-rich foods into my diet because I wasn’t able to each meat, spinach or beans throughout my entire pregnancy without feeling sick.

Some symptoms of iron deficiency include:

  • general fatigue
  • weakness
  • pale skin
  • shortness of breath
  • dizziness
  • a tingling or crawling feeling in the legs
  • tongue swelling or soreness

My doctor recommended taking an iron pill in additional to my prenatal vitamins but I wanted an alternative to more pills. After a couple weeks of searching for alternatives, I found the Lucky Iron Fish. Not only did the product help to boost my iron levels but they also have a Buy-One-Give-One program, for each product that is purchased the organization donates to a community in need.

Iron deficiency and anemia affects 2 billion people worldwide. In my case, I didn’t even think of anemia or iron-deficiency until someone else suggested the idea to me. In an effort to improve my own health and nutrition I’ve started taking a more active role in what chemicals and drugs I introduce into my body. I’ve been using the product for just over a year, along with frequent checkups to my doctor. My iron levels have risen back to normal and all my other symptoms have subsided.

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