Baby Registry: 10 things you need, 5 you don’t

When you first find out that you’re pregnant, you mind starts spinning just thinking about all the things you need to buy. There are so many new products available that help to make parenthood just a little easier.

10 things you need

  1. Baby Thermometer
    I recommend this thermometer made by Braun  – it can be used from infancy to adulthood. 
  2. Teething Toys
    There are plenty of teething toys out there but our Sophie teether never leaves our little boys side.
  3. Baby Carrier
    When choosing a carrier be sure to test them out in store, my husband and I can both use this Ergobaby 360 carrier despite our size difference. 
  4. Breast pump (for breastfeeding moms)
    In terms of comfort, customizability and overall design I recommend the Evenflo Dual Breast Pump. I used this from my sons birth to around 10 months, it was portable and contained a battery section in case you weren’t able to plug in the machine.
  5. Rocking Chair
    When choosing a rocking chair it’s easy to go for the most aesthetically pleasing model but when you’re awake at 3a.m. you want to have a chair that’s comfortable, durable and big enough for two. We picked this Kidiway Glider that made nursing (and sometimes napping) with baby easy.
  6. Sleep Sack:
    We had so much trouble getting our little one to sleep, in part because I was nursing. Once we started using the sleep sack our little guy started to love his crib. We have a couple from Gro Company, the opening for the hands and neck are a good size. We tried other brands but our baby was able to get himself out of the bag fairly quickly.
  7. White Noise Machine:
    The most important part of our sleep training was making sure our little one could sleep through noises, talking and barking. We invested in the Cloud B sound machine – it has a sensor, timer and can be strapped to the crib (or moved around the house). 
  8. Boppy Lounger:
    This multi purpose pillow lets you play with baby with your hands free. This pillow is very convenient in the early months because it supports baby’s head and neck while making sure they fit comfortably in the recessed section.
  9. Play Yard:
    We’re always on the go so having a play yard that can be easily transported was huge for us. We picked the Graco Pack N Play with changing table and bouncer. Our son is 9 months old and we still use the changing table at home (he outgrew the bouncer at around 4 months).
  10. Nursing Cover:
    This multi-purpose Copper Cover can be used for nursing mom’s but also as a wind/element barrier on most car seats.

5 Things You Don’t Need

  1. Diaper Genie: This product is fantastic in the newborn stage when diapers are fairly small. Once your baby is 4+ months it fills up very quickly and the bags are very pricy.
  2. Sterilizer: Most sterilizers are bulky and don’t have the required space/layout to fit everything that needs to be sterilized. I ended up using a large stock pot, boiling water, and placing everything that needed to be cleaned in the pot.
  3. Bottle Warmer: Unless you are keeping formula or expressed milk in the fridge, you won’t use the bottle warmer. If you are nursing, babies will be used to room temperature milk and if you are using formula only prepare the amount of formula you require for one feeding.
    Pro tip: Boil the water to mix formula, if using powder, and store in a large jug that has been sterilized.
  4. Owlet Smart Sock Baby Monitor: Coming in at roughly $400CAD, this product is over-priced, provides data and information that you won’t actually need, and likely won’t be used past the newborn stage (my son rips everything off his feet if he can).
  5. Bumbo Floor Seat: In theory it makes sense to have a seat that can be used when baby is not quite able to sit up on their own. However, most high-chairs now have infant and newborn inserts that allow you to have a seat for a younger baby.
Photo by Nynne Schrøder on Unsplash


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